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Gasparilla Island
A Heritage To Protect
For more than 5,000 years, people have been drawn to Gasparilla Island.
Green Space Under Attack
Video explains how some people want to grab public green space.
Tell Commissioner Manning You Want Action! Consensus, compromise or unwillingness to negotiate?  Proposals are on the table.
Guarantee the Island's Future Today!

Boca Grande is a gift to those fortunate enough to visit or live here.  From Gasparilla Pass to the Boca Grande Lighthouse. From Banyon Street to Gilchrist Avenue to our white-sand beaches, this island is a serene haven, a gift shrouded in natural beauty, conceived and protected by those who went before us.

We can do nothing less than preserve Boca Grande as the historic, natural haven for generations to come, Therefore, to secure Boca Grande's tomorrows, we pledge our efforts to Guarantee the Island's Future... Today.

It's our GIFT.